Fujitsu General (UK) Limited are leading providers of innovative and highly reliable air conditioning products. Since their inception in Japan in 1960, they have strived to create high quality and environmentally friendly products. This is in line with their overarching policy to “create a comfortable environment” by utilising cutting edge air conditioning technology.

Energy efficiency and environmental considerations mean Fujitsu are leading the push for greener air conditioning technology, which is spearheaded by their EU Climate Action Plan. By 2020 they are aiming to have 20% less primary energy use, 20% less CO2 emissions and a 20% share of renewable energy.

Advanced technology makes the company one of the best choices for providing ideal comfort conditions in a wide variety of situations, both in residential applications and commercial. At the core of Fujitsu are underlying principles of creating state-of-the-art innovation and development, combined with a practical understanding of customer demands for reliability and cost-effectiveness. This means that Fujitsu are constantly expanding and improving their product offering, in order to better meet market requirements.

AMP are authorised distributors of Fujitsu air conditioning systems and offer same/next day delivery throughout most of the UK.

As well as air conditioners, we offer the following services: staff training, technical support, design services and bespoke services like grille colour matching and bespoke control panels.

Product groups sold by AMP:

  • Residential Systems
  • Commercial Split Systems
  • VRF Outdoor Units
  • VRF Indoor units
  • Ancillary Products – i.e. air handling unit interfaces, heat recovery ventilation units, air to water heat pumps
  • Controls and accessories
  •  Spares

Fujitsu air conditioning purchases made with AMP are also eligible for points through the Comfort Club loyalty scheme. Click here for more information, or get in touch with one of our team members for more information about whether Fujitsu air conditioning products are right for you.