AMP offer a wide range of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems and ancillary products to provide a complete solution for your commercial air conditioning needs.

No matter the size of your business, we have years of extensive experience providing comprehensive air conditioning systems to suit any requirements.

VRF systems come in two types, depending on your commercial air conditioning application. Two pipe heat pump systems consist of a number of internal units connected to a single outdoor unit. All of these internal units will either heat or cool, as long as the internal units are on the same mode. This type of system is suited to large open plan areas where only a single mode of operation is required at any one time.

With three pipe heat recovery VRF systems, each indoor unit can either heat or cool independently of the other internal units. This type of system is best suited where different modes are required at the same time, such as individual offices across different orientations of the building.

With modular outdoor units, large commercial air conditioning units can be configured to cater for any sized commercial project. These compact condensing units utilise the latest in inverter technology and refrigerant control to ensure they are amongst the most energy efficient in the market place. They are complemented by an extensive range of internal units, which offer both high performance and versatility to suit any commercial air conditioning application.

The ranges for commercial air conditioning are enhanced further with the addition of hot water modules, valve kits for connection onto air handling units, air curtains and air to air heat exchangers.

AMP can supply state of the art controls to ensure all systems are working to maximum efficiently as possible. Numerous options are available for local control; we can offer a range of centralised controllers including touch screen controllers, local PC control and remote control over the internet. In addition, we can provide interfaces so that the VRF system can be integrated onto the onsite BMS (building management system), enabling easy management of commercial air conditioning units.

Our experienced design engineers are able to tailor an optimal solution to fit virtually any commercial air conditioning application.