With their ultra-high efficiencies, stylish looks and sophisticated controls, AMP’s range of domestic air conditioning units are ideal for today’s homes. Whether for a new build or retrofitted into an existing property, we offer a range of domestic air conditioning and installation services to suit any requirements.

By utilising advanced inverter technology, properties of all sizes can have industry-leading energy efficient systems installed, complete with capacity control to ensure perfect internal conditions. With the ability to both heat and cool, our range of home air conditioning units are ideal for such applications as conservatories, bedrooms and home offices.

Our range include single split systems can be used when you need to condition one room; available with a range of internal home air conditioning units including wall mounted, floor standing or ducted. We can also offer a range of multi split systems that can have up to six internal units connected to a single outdoor unit.

With up to nine internal home air conditioning units served from a single condensing unit, a Mini 2 pipe VRF system is ideal for use in larger domestic air conditioning applications. Extended pipe runs mean that the single outdoor unit can be conveniently placed in an unobtrusive location. These systems also benefit from the wealth of indoor unit styles and control options available in the VRF ranges.

A wide range of control options are available for both single and multi-split domestic air conditioning units, including infrared and hard wired control options, time clocks and control from smartphones or tablets.

In addition to standard split and multi splits domestic air conditioning systems, amp can also offer a range of air to water heat pump systems. These systems are capable of producing both heat, via radiators or underfloor heating, and domestic hot water. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the ambient air, transferring this heat internally via refrigerant pipework. As such, these highly efficient systems are excellent replacements for more traditional boiler systems.

For further information and advice on finding the ideal domestic air conditioning units for you please contact AMP on 01707 378670, or email us at