AMP’s extensive range of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems lend themselves perfectly to use with hotel air conditioning applications. With flexible design, extensive product portfolios and endless control integration options, getting an ideal, tailored air conditioning solution is easy.

Three pipe simultaneous heating and cooling systems are perfectly suited within hotel bedrooms, enabling guests to select their ideal temperature and ensuring that they receive extraordinary comfort, and a good night’s sleep. The ability to serve numerous bedrooms from a single condensing unit for hotel air conditioning provides the additional benefits of heat recovery and reduced running costs.

Our systems are also incredibly useful in other areas of hotels including, for example, two pipe VRF heat pump systems are perfect for serving large communal areas, such as restaurants and gyms. Air curtains, heat recovery ventilation units and split systems are also well suited for back office applications to provide the complete range of hotel air conditioning products.

These VRF systems are available with a range of stylish and quiet indoor units, ensuring that not only do the hotel air conditioning systems look good, but they will also not disturb the hotel guests.

To complement these ranges AMP can offer a wide range of control options. Simplified controllers located within guest bedrooms offer the end users the ability to control their own air conditioning experience; these can also be supplied with special finish face plates. Complete systems can also be integrated onto the client’s building management or booking systems, enabling central control of all systems.

AMP are also able to offer leak detection systems, that ensure that in the event of a leak of refrigerant, end users are warned and the systems are isolated, to minimise any potential risk.

With extensive experience in designing and supplying equipment to some of the UK’s leading hotel chains, we are confident that we can tailor a solution for any hotel air conditioning application.