Small Business

If you’re looking for an air conditioner, for shop, office or other small business applications, AMP is on hand to help. With an extensive range of split systems from three of the world’s leading manufacturers, no matter the size of your business or property, maintaining optimal temperature has never been easier.

Our split air conditioning units range from 2.5 – 25.0kW, and come in a wide range of stylish indoor unit types. These, combined with inverter driven outdoor units, ensure that we provide industry leading SCOP’s (seasonal coefficient of performance) and SEER’s (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Our compact condensing air conditioning units also offer extended pipe runs of up to 100m, to provide maximum installation flexibility.

The majority of our split systems also have the added benefit of replacement technology, which is particularly useful due to the recent phase out of R22 refrigerant/equipment. This enables our split systems to be connected to existing R22 or R407C pipework, thus reducing costs, disturbance and installation time.

In smaller businesses, efficiency is incredibly important. When it comes to installing air conditioning for larger shops, offices and open plan areas, they can utilise a twin, triple or quad configuration. Alternatively, a single outdoor unit can serve two, three or four internal units, reducing the outdoor installation space whilst improving area distribution internally.

In addition to the comfort cooling split systems that we offer, we can also provide a range of ancillary products, including heat exchange ventilation units, air curtains and air to water heat pumps. These products work in conjunction with our split systems to further enhance internal conditions. These combine to give your work spaces the optimal levels of comfort.

All of the above air conditioning units can be controlled and monitored via a comprehensive range of controls and interfaces. The standard range of hard wired and infra controllers are complemented by a range of interfaces, from simple on/off and error outputs to full control and monitoring via a smartphone or tablet over WiFi.

For further information about air conditioning for shops and small businesses please contact AMP on 01707 378670, or email us at