AMP Make strides in environmental and quality management

AMP has achieved an accreditation double in both environmental and quality management.

AMP recently achieved accreditation to the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Management from certification body QAS International.

Proud of the achievement, AMP director Polly McConachie said: “Companies often pursue one or other at a time; to secure both concurrently is a great achievement, and reflects a huge amount of work and commitment by the whole team, particularly, Tom Carter, Zuzana Reed and Tim Young who led the project.”

The accreditation process took six months from initiation to the successful compliance audits. As the work proceeded, it became apparent that many of the requirements for the standards were already in place, and simply needed documenting and formalising, says Tom Carter, AMP’s logistics manager.

Zuzana Reed commented: “As well as the additional credibility it gives in the eyes of customers, the standards give us a fantastic resource for briefing new members of staff when they join the company. Procedures for all departments are all clearly set out with flow charts, enabling everyone can get up to speed very quickly.”