Keeping The Itison Team Cool


We caught up with AMP Air Sales Agent Dugie McKerrow about a small but interesting project he worked on for Itison, a leader in strategic marketing for businesses.

What was the brief?

A few years ago Itison completed a refurbishment of an A Listed building in the heart of Glasgow Merchant city which soon became known as the coolest office in Glasgow

Formerly John Street Church the Itison HQ features a fireman’s pole, giant fairy lit oak tree, hot air balloon and yoga studio all thanks to the interior design genius of SURFACE ID. In 2019 I was introduced to Julie McSporran one of the directors of Itison and subsequently to Oli Norman founder of the company. In the summer the office was too hot, and yes you guessed it, too cold in the winter months.

The client had worked with another company in the past that unfortunately didn’t meet their design needs so they were keen to work with us to implement a new solution.

They had a clear vision of what they wanted. We were tasked with providing cooling and heating to the main open plan area which required the conditioned air being distributed over a large distance, slowly and quietly, without disrupting anyone sitting near the unit. It had to work but they didn’t want to see it and anything that was installed had to be blended into their very trendy office environment. 

After a few initial meetings with Julie at Itison we partnered with Stuart Cameron MD of C&M Environmental Ltd who we have worked on many projects with over the years and together we came up with a solution to the key areas. 

How did we meet the criteria?

Main Double Height Open Plan Office

We installed at High level a Panasonic 22.4kw High Static Ducted VRF Indoor connected to a Mini Eco 2 Pipe VRF outdoor unit controlled from a CZRTC5B Premium controller. The indoor ducted unit was fitted with high velocity eyeball diffusers that would allow us to throw jets of air over a distance of 15-20m without disturbing fixings such as the oak tree or the hot air balloon in the office space.

The Mezz Level

The Mezz level had a low ceiling and people working very near the only possible location for supplying air. In this area we installed a Panasonic 9kw standard Ducted system connected to a Mini Eco 2 pipe VRF outdoor unit. The indoor ducted unit was located at floor level and delivered the air at a lower level at very low velocity via a sock distribution system. This allows treated air to percolate into the space without it causing drafts or discomfort to the people working in the space.

Board Room

In here we concealed a Panasonic 3.6kw Floor mounted Chassis unit behind the wall panelling with only the supply and return air diffusers being visible.

Comms Room

We installed a Panasonic 5.0kw PACi high wall split system.

What Went Well?

We were conscious that the client didn’t want a traditional-looking air conditioning unit. The interiors at Itison are very eye-catching so we didn’t want to distract from that. 

The award-winning team at SURFACE ID designed the imaginative and colours dressings for the AC units we installed and we couldn’t have asked for more. It meant that the units we incorporated to increase air distribution blended seamlessly into the offices.

C&M provided the full installation and commissioning package working over evenings and weekends to accommodate Itison’s working hours and avoid any disruption to their day to day business.

Were There Any Challenges That You Had To Overcome?

The main challenge to overcome was that we needed to cover a large area. The main hall itself is 8 meters high, whereas other areas have very low ceiling space.

It was imperative that air would flow from one room to another without the internal aesthetic being compromised. We installed air socks in the ventilation systems for a lightweight solution.

What Was The Highlight Of The Project For You?

There were many highlights throughout the project, including the way the client engaged with us. From being very accommodating and allowing us to survey the building a number of times to being open to different ideas, the team were a pleasure to work with. 

They knew what they wanted and it was great to work alongside them to achieve that. The team were so welcoming and went the extra mile to incorporate us into their way of working.

The client pushed for a non-conventional design that would fit into the space without standing out and we definitely delivered on that.