Panasonic – leading the way in Heating & Cooling

With more than 30 years of experience, selling to more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector. With a diverse network of production and R&D facilities, Panasonic delivers innovative products incorporating cutting edge technologies that set the standard for air conditioners worldwide.

Expanding globally, Panasonic provides superior international products transcending borders.  Applying advanced technologies that truly make life better, Panasonic has an unparalleled commitment to product quality. The company is building on the Japanese tradition of uncompromising quality control worldwide, developing and manufacturing fine products and delivering them to customers everywhere.

Heating and cooling solutions from Panasonic include:

Domestic Air Conditioners

  • Etherea Range: With its innovative design, high efficiency and incomparable purification system, the Etherea range has been designed with your clients in mind.  New Etherea with Econavi intelligent sensor and new nanoe™ air-purifying system: outstanding efficiency A+++, comfort (Super Quiet technology only 19dB(A)) and healthy air combined with a breakthrough design.

Commercial Air Conditioners

Panasonic has developed an impressive range of highly efficient Commercial Air Conditioners.  The range is constantly expanding so you can always offer your clients the best solutions:  high performance, silent machines and a complete range of ducts, cassettes and ceiling installations.

This range confirms our commitment to the environment. Our Inverter compressors optimise performance and thus reduce energy costs.

  • PACi: Commercial air to air: the full solution for shops, restaurants, offices or residential applications with outstanding efficiency and compact in size. From the smaller 1×1 to the more complete 4×1 solutions, Panasonic offers the best solution for all your projects.
  • Server Rooms: High efficiency products for 24/7 applications. Panasonic has developed a complete range of solutions for server rooms which efficiently protect your servers, keeping them at an appropriate temperature even when the outdoor temperature is below -20°C.

VRF Systems

The new Panasonic VRF system is specifically designed for energy saving, easy installation and high efficiency performance, with a wide choice of outdoor and indoor models.  With unique features designed for the most demanding projects, the VRF industrial range considerably improves efficiency so even large buildings can benefit from a high-level of comfort with less energy consumption.

UNIQUE: Panasonic offers both Electrical VRF and Gas-powered VRF solutions, to provide real benefits for projects whatever the power supply situation.

  • The ECOi series is designed for energy savings, easy installation, and high efficiency. Always continuing to evolve, Panasonic uses advanced technologies to meet the requirements of diverse situations and contribute to the creation of comfortable living spaces. Panasonic ECOi systems are amongst the most efficient VRF systems on the market, offering COPs in excess of 4.0 at full load conditions. The system is also designed to make sure that we reduce the running cost of each system by using our unique road map control routine to ensure that the most efficient combination of compressors are running at any one time.
  • ECO G VRF Range: Ideal for projects with limited power supply, the advanced Gas Driven VRF system offers increased efficiency and performance across the range. Improvements include increased part load performance, reduced gas consumption with a Miller-cycle engine and reduced electrical consumption by using DC-Fan motors.

Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump Range

Aquarea is a ground breaking low energy system for heating and domestic hot water production: delivering outstanding performance, even at extreme outdoor temperatures. Offering capacities from 3kW all the way through to 16kW, the Aquarea Heat Pump Range is the widest on the market, ensuring a system is available, whatever your heating and cooling needs. Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, the solutions are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Control & Connectivity

  • High connectivity: Our new control systems provide complete control of all your installations. Delivering control of your heating and cooling, from several locations, receive status updates in real-time, preventing breakdowns and optimizing costs.
  • SmartCloud: Through thorough energy management, Panasonic’s VRF Smart Connectivity is a completely new, state-of-the-art solution providing energy saving and comfort as well as simple installation, operation and running. Panasonic passionately pursues the ultimate in energy saving through the application of cutting-edge technology, and Schneider Electric, an advanced global energy management specialist offering innovative control systems. This collaboration has set the new standard for creating the next generation of contemporary buildings.