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In the midst of 2018’s boiling summer, Ashwell House in St Albans contacted AAC Service and Maintenance in Welwyn Garden City to quote for the supply, installation and commissioning of 2 new split AC heat pump systems to replace their 2 failing 12 year old systems in the dining room. AAC in turn asked AMP Air to specify and supply the replacement systems for the project. Using Panasonic equipment from AMP Air, AAC were able to provide Ashwell House with new air conditioning systems that were within budget, high quality, and capable of dealing with the requirements of a busy 150 person dining room whilst retaining the existing ductwork set up above a false ceiling.


There were a few challenges which came to light once this project began. 

The first of these was the fact that the pipework was built into the ceiling of the dining room all the way to the point where they exited the building and so it was not possible to replace them without a huge amount of builders work. They needed new equipment that was capable of utilising the existing pipework infrastructure and controls cabling.  AMP confirmed that they could supply new equipment to overcome this issue which simplified the overall project. 

Secondly, they needed systems of a similar physical size and duty to allow them to retain the original ductwork and ceiling vent layout so as not to disrupt the ceiling of the dining room any more than required.


As soon as Ashwell House approached AAC asking for air conditioning in their dining room, AAC’s project manager Dave went to the site to meet with the client to discuss their requirements, timescales and project length. When AAC had given a quote for the replacement of the dining room systems, Ashwell House mentioned that their temple room also required 2 replacement air conditioning systems, and both AAC and AMP Air were happy to extend the initial project to accommodate the additional work.

Quotes were approved by Ashwell House for the works, paperwork changed hands and a date was set for the project to commence during their 6 week summer closure. AAC had to decide on a supplier and they went with AMP Air. A provider who they knew would be reliable and have the stock available. This was mid-august and a lot of other suppliers were struggling to supply the equipment in time due to the excessively long hot spell that we were having. The engineers then travelled to the site to install the 2 x new 12kw heating and cooling ducted units overseen by the project manager. 

Due to the size of the replacement units and the structure of the existing building coupled with the necessity to cut portions of the ceiling away to replace air conditioning units, the Dining Room was chosen to be re-decorated at the same time so the cut outs in the ceiling were seamlessly repaired and repainted leaving no trace! 

In comparison, the installation upstairs in the temple was fairly simple. Here, two 12.5kw heating and cooling 4-way blow ceiling cassettes were fitted replacing the old failed units without any trace of damage.

The entire project took only five days, due to the efficiency and skill of the AAC engineers and management team, as well as how easily the AMP Air replacement Panasonic units could be installed.

Ashwell House


By using Panasonic units from AMP Air, AAC were able to provide Ashwell House with a wonderful new air conditioning solution to two of their largest rooms. Now the interior of the building will always have a comfortable environment regardless of the weather outside.

AAC praised AMP Air saying that they had worked with the supplier for years without ever encountering any issues. “They’re a great company who always have perfect deliveries,” they said. AAC also talked about how easy it was to access AMP Air when they required help, saying that AMP Air are always available to speak on the phone and have great technical backup. AAC look forward to continuing working with AMP Air to deliver more exciting projects.

Although AAC’s installers were at first dubious about the new Panasonic equipment offered by AMP Air, they have given incredible feedback about the units and their outstanding performance.

An even better reaction came from Ashwell House who, upon seeing the completed project were overwhelmed with the end results. They also commended the equipment saying that its performance is superb and far exceeds their expectations. AAC were also invited to carry out the maintenance of all other AC plant in Ashwell House following the completion of the works.

Because of this fantastic project, Ashwell House will no longer suffer sweltering hot summers and they will be much better equipped to deal with the weather with their powerful, attractive systems which will beautifully regulate their temperature through summer or winter. 

Ashwell House

“They’re a great company who always have perfect deliveries,”

AAC Service and Maintenance

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