Under The Stars - Bristol



Under the Stars, a quirky river boat tapas restaurant and cocktail bar on Narrow Quay in Bristol, asked Leader Air to install an air conditioning system that would both regulate the temperature of the restaurant and not take up too much of the limited space. The project was supported by AMP Air, who supplied a Panasonic 10kW PACi wall mount system. Using this system, Leader Air was able to deliver a fantastic install which was high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and which did not intrude on the space.


An abundance of challenges arose on this project all stemming from the fact that it was to take place on a boat, a site which has limited access, and without a surface to affix an outdoor unit. This meant that the outdoor unit chosen would have to be small enough to not intrude too much into the limited external space and the indoor unit to be able to fit through the doors of the restaurant, while also being powerful enough to effectively heat and cool the area. It also meant that installer, Olly, would have a difficult time fixing the unit to the boat given its position, unconnected to land, and would have to build a bridge to be able to do so, and create a bespoke frame to house the outdoor unit.

A further challenge was to find a unit which fitted these criteria, and which would also suit the unusual building layout and look attractive.


In order to overcome the challenges, the installer had to first build a bridge to the river boat using planks, where he first had to survey the restaurant, to determine whether installing air conditioning would even be possible. He had to meet with the owner to finalise the position the unit would occupy, then he measured and made calculations of the best and safest way to install a unit.

When it came to finding a unit, luckily, AMP Air were able to source one that would fit all of the specifications required – a Panasonic standard inverter wall mounted unit that wouldn’t take up valuable floor space, was powerful, and was aesthetically pleasing. The whole project took only one day, due to the ease of installation of the Panasonic units and the expertise of the Leader Team. 

Under the Stars


By using a Panasonic unit sourced from AMP Air, Leader Air have been able to find the perfect air conditioning solution for Under the Stars. Without the system, because of the nature of the boat, the restaurant was experiencing temperatures which were far too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer.

Of AMP Air’s contribution, the engineer said he was ‘more than happy with the supplied units’, that he was very happy using and installing them, and that he would definitely recommend them to our installers and customers, due to their efficiency and ease of installation.

The client was also incredibly pleased with the new system, praising the fact that the temperature is now where it is supposed to be and that in summer the restaurant will be cool enough and in winter it will be warm enough. 

Because of the help of Leader Air and AMP Air, Under the Stars now have a competitive advantage over similar businesses who will continue to overheat in the summer and be too cold in the winter, as well as being much better equipped to rival businesses on land.