Creating a comfortable environment for students



One of the largest secondary schools in the country needed an air-conditioning installation for their two story science block. They needed to provide a comfortable environment for the students in ten science laboratory classrooms.

They asked Calibre Climate Control to carry out the project and AMP Air provided them with the air-conditioning equipment for the installation. A Panasonic ECOi system was specified, due to its ability to both heat and cool simultaneously.



The project went very smoothly, with relatively few issues. One of the main challenges was that the ceiling void had multiple other services in it. The rooms needed simultaneous heating and cooling as well as a control system which could save the ceiling cassettes from being left running accidentally. This was resolved with the ECO NAVi control system and a presence detector in each room, which turns off the units if the classroom is left unoccupied for a length of time. Each room has its own controller and there is a master control panel as well.


Calibre do a lot of school maintenance and have done several successful installations with Panasonic equipment before which they were very happy with, so it made sense to partner with AMP Air again. After receiving a quote, Calibre discussed the process with AMP, agreeing on the details such as pipework schematics and wiring requirements. Powder coated trunking was required for the external pipework, which needed to be a specific colour to match the rest of the building’s aesthetic.


Both the school and Calibre were very pleased with the results. The simultaneous heating and cooling function works across the building so one room can be heated and one room can be cooled at the same time.

Calibre were happy to use Panasonic products again due to the reasonable pricing and high quality of the products. Schools are often conscious of their budgets and want to keep costs to a minimum whilst still having a good system, so Calibre often specify Panasonic products for school installations.

A spokesman from Calibre said “We used to buy other brands from AMP Air before they sold Panasonic. When they changed over it was a no brainer for us to swap over to Panasonic rather than source the previous brands somewhere else. We have an excellent relationship with AMP Air so changed brands with them happily.”

Calibre chose AMP for this project due to our quick turnaround and good service. Their director said “When I call AMP Air, I’m talking to someone I’ve met. It’s like getting the resources of a big company with the service levels of a small company.”

When I call AMP Air, I’m talking to someone I’ve met. It’s like getting the resources of a big company with the service levels of a small company.

Director - Calibre Climate Control