Inseec College - London



Panasonic’s advanced heating and cooling technology has been installed in Inseec College, a French Business School in London. AMP provided the Panasonic ECOi EX VRF systems to Inseec and worked with Hertfordshire based commercial, mechanical and electrical services specialist Birdsall Services to ensure an efficient, cost effective installation that met the client’s objectives.   

Inseec chose Birdsall Services as they already had a working relationship with the college as they trust them to provide other maintenance services to the college. Inseec required air conditioning that would be powerful, high quality and aesthetically pleasing and the Panasonic ECOi EX 2 pipe heat pump VRF system, with 24 internal units, fitted throughout the building matched the specifications perfectly.


This project turned out to be rather challenging, taking place during the business colleges break and part term time, Birdsall had to be mindful that the installation would cause minimal disruption and minimal building work. 

There are no car park facilities at Inseec, therefore Birdsall had to plan and store equipment and materials in an orderly manner not to cause disruption to the college and surrounding neighbours.  

Additionally, the planned location for the new condensers required an extended platform integral to the existing requiring local authority approval with consideration to residential properties.

The condensers required coordination with the adjacent park management, to enable suitable equipment to be used to manoeuvre the condensers through the park to the platform, taking all necessary health and safety measures.

Inseec College


Birdsall Services used AMP Air to satisfy the college requirement and facilitate the order process, envisaged project changes and necessary backup.   

The units were installed in inline with the proposed program and delivery of equipment and materials. The electrical work was completed in two phases to suit the program, the controls were set up on completion. Testing and commissioning was successfully carried out. 

AMP supplied Birdsall with 16 of Panasonic’s innovative U2 type 4-way 90×90 cassettes. These units boast an improved noise performance, providing a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for staff and students, and to not disrupt concentration. The shallow and unobtrusive profile of the cassettes ensures that they can be installed discreetly into the classrooms and do not distract students from their work. 

For the smaller classrooms and offices AMP supplied Panasonic’s K2 Wall mounted units. These units are smaller, lighter and substantially quieter than other models making it ideal for classroom applications.

With all these restrictions on installation, it was essential that the heating and cooling system was simple and easy to install.   Panasonic’s VRF ECOi system provided the perfect solution to meet Inseec College’s exacting requirements for its heating and cooling needs: energy efficient, quiet and discreet, and offering comfortable conditions for staff and students. Crucially, the Panasonic system is easy to control, with a hard-wired CZ-RTC5B controller in each room and a centralised system controller.

Inseec College


Because of this wonderful new system, Inseec College will now experience the perfect temperature all year round. The units provided by AMP Air are not only powerful, but high quality and attractive too!

Having known AMP Air for a number of years, Birdsall were very pleased with their service, calling them ‘helpful’. Birdsall also praised AMP Air’s ability to give fast responses and always fulfil their promises, as well as their easy ordering process. The installers were also extremely pleased with the units themselves. 

Inseec College has said they are more than happy with the new air conditioning system and how it is working to regulate the temperature of the building.