Cooling for the factory at Border Biscuits

Food Production


Popular biscuit manufacturers Border Biscuits in Lanark required a cooling system for one of their packing rooms. It was important to keep the chocolate on the biscuits at a cool temperature so it wouldn’t melt during the packing process. They also wanted the staff to be comfortable in the factory, which can often rise in temperature due to the machinery.

Border Biscuits asked Clyde Air to carry out the project and AMP Air provided the units for the installation. Three triple systems were installed with ceiling suspended units and a single split system from the PACi range.


The project was very successful with no hitches, but there was one minor obstacle to overcome in the planning of the project. One of the challenges of the project was that no welding was allowed. No hot works are allowed in the factory due to the smoke this would create in the packing room and the effect it would have on the ingredients. This challenge was overcome by using a compression tool to join the pipework instead of welding.


The process of the project went very smoothly with no issues. Clyde Air have done a lot of work in the factory so know the day to day operations, the layout and the staff very well which contributed to the success of the project.

Border Biscuits


Both Clyde Air and Border Biscuits were very pleased with the results from the project. The new systems work to keep the packing room at the correct temperature for the product and the staff.

Clyde Air were happy to order Panasonic products from AMP Air again, after having used them a number of times in the past. They reported that the project went smoothly, as it always does with AMP Air.