Seasonal and real time efficiency solution for Miniclipper



Miniclipper, a fast-growing UK haulage business based in Leighton Buzzard, needed an air conditioning system for their head office. They wanted to be able to both heat and cool their office, according to the time of year. They asked air conditioning specialists Denmanair, based in Bedfordshire, to carry out the project in October 2018.

This project was supported by AMP Air who provided Denmanair with the units for the installation. Denmanair decided that a Panasonic ECOi VRF system was the best suited for this project. It’s a heat pump system which has the ability to both heat and cool.


The project went incredibly smoothly from start to finish with relatively few problems. Denmanair commented that the most difficult part about the project was installing a system in an occupied office. The office remained open whilst the installation took place so the Denmanair team had to work around people doing their jobs.

However, installation was still possible and was carried out in a timely and organised manner.


Once contacted by Miniclipper, Denmanair carried out a site survey at their head office to view the space that needed to be heated and cooled and to find out more details of the office’s requirements. Once deciding on a Panasonic VRF system, Denmanair provided a cost quote to Miniclipper. After Miniclipper agreed to the costs, a more detailed design was drawn up. Denmanair then contacted AMP Air to order the products needed for the job. They decided to choose Panasonic products under AMP Air’s recommendation, as they have had no previous issues with AMP so trust their judgement. Paul Denman from Denmanair commented that he thought AMP Air’s service along with Panasonic’s products was a great package.

Denmanair arranged access with the client and a second more detailed site survey was carried out, before installation occurred. The installation was a fairly straight forward job and went ahead without any glitches.


Miniclipper were very happy with the results of the installation and are currently quoting with Denmanair to install a system into a second building. The job went well – it was profitable and delivered on time.

From start to finish AMP Air were fantastic. The process was simple and the delivery was prompt and that AMP truly couldn’t be faulted as a distributor.

Paul Denman - Denmanair