Panasonic Heating & Cooling Unveils its Latest Innovations at Interclima 2019

Panasonic Heating & Cooling unveils its latest innovations in thermal comfort solutions at Interclima 2019, the comfort and energy efficiency trade show running 5–8 November 2019.

Our 325 m² area (Hall 2 Stand E086) features more than thirty products, many of them new. This year, R32 solutions are in the spotlight more than ever thanks to a new Air/Air Comfort range, ideal for new residential buildings, including a mini R32 VRF unveiled exclusively at the show. Also, on offer is the new PACi platform, a gas/electric hybrid VRF, and for the first time in France: the Panasonic Chiller. Cooling solutions are also on the bill with a new 4 HP system with heat recovery.

Innovative solutions showing on the Panasonic stand include:

A New Comfort Range

Panasonic has developed a wide range of residential split systems for air conditioning rooms of all sizes, combining optimal efficiency with unparalleled ease of installation.

Aimed at professionals, this new range features a new chassis which offers numerous technical innovations (for the TZ and FZ ranges), reducing installation times by 30% and maintenance times by 15%. *

The compact TZ wall-mounted unit measures a mere 779 mm (compared to 799 mm for the previous model) and the updated, elegant design is suitable for all types of interior.

With built-in connectivity as a series standard, the products are even more simple for the end user to control via the Comfort Cloud system or the Sky remote control, a particularly intuitive device. A special area will be devoted to demonstrating compatibility with virtual voice assistants.

Last but not least, the new Comfort range has yet again improved energy performance with SEER and SCOP ratings of A+++ to A+.
* According to preliminary in-house studies.
Mini ECOi LE R32: Panasonic’s first electric VRF using R32

Following its Air/Water and Air/Air HP ranges, and its PACi range for small service companies, Panasonic extends its R32 provision with the Mini ECOi LE, its first electric VRF using R32!

Available soon, the new VRF has a compact design and will provide one of the most efficient solutions on the market, combining high performance with reduced running costs.

Ideal for commercial applications with limited available space, the Mini ECOi LE is particularly easy to install thanks to its small size and long pipes.

New PACi Platform

Panasonic has thoroughly updated PACi, its Air/Air HP range designed for small tertiary companies. Aimed mostly at businesses and restaurants, but also suitable for housing, the range has been entirely rethought with installers in mind. Connection between indoor and outdoor units and the remote control has been unified, considerably simplifying the installation process.

Indoor units have been rationalised with the option of adapting the power automatically. A new adaptive ducted version can be installed horizontally or vertically without need for modification thanks to a 2-in-1 drain pan.

The remote control has also been updated. Featuring a more stylish design, it integrates just as well Building Management Systems (BMS) as the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure ever more precise control.

The Nanoe™ X air purification system is in the process of being extended to the entire range to ensure greater comfort and healthy air.

Hybrid electric GHP/VRF system: intelligent technology by Panasonic

Panasonic’s hybrid VRF leverages gas and electricity for unparalleled energy savings. It is particularly suitable for sites whose electrical power is restricted or reserved for other equipment.

The lifespan of the equipment has been extended thanks to intelligent system management, the goal being to run the VRF and GHP systems at optimal speed.

The heat recovery system can also produce domestic hot water (DHW) for free thanks to the residual heat generated by the GHP motor, resulting in even more energy savings.

A hydromodule is also available to work in conjunction with a water loop, to avoid circulating refrigerant inside the building.
Lastly, the operating programme (GHP% / VRF%) can be tailored to the configuration of the site, resulting in even more comfort and energy savings.

ECOi-W, the new range of heat pump chillers

Trade show exclusive: Panasonic announces the release of its heat pump chiller range.

This extensive new range (20–210 kW) offers a wide variety of HVAC solutions to suit every situation. The ECOi-W Chiller is extremely customisable, ensuring compliance with site specifications, and offers particularly high performance: high SEER/COP ratings and extensive operating ranges (-17°C in heating and +50°C in cooling).

Also, ECOi-W offers a wide range of communication protocols, including remote control via the cloud.

Panasonic’s heat pump chillers with air condensation are perfect for the tertiary sector, such as hotels, industrial buildings and even offices.
Commercial refrigeration that respects CO2 environmental considerations

Leveraging its CO2 technology, Panasonic offers unparalleled and highly reliable cooling solutions. Tried and tested, Panasonic has installed no fewer than 10,000 units and fitted out 3,700 businesses, local shops and supermarkets.

Panasonic presents a new 4 HP CO2 condensing unit for chilling (7.5 kW) and freezing (4 kW). Easy to install (notably with the plug and play kit), this unit is particularly suitable for the needs of food businesses, service stations, restaurants and fast-food outlets, and ideal for fitting out refrigerated displays and cold rooms.

The CO2 unit also features a heat recovery function to generate heating or domestic hot water for free.

The 4 HP CO2 refrigeration unit for chilling (7.5 kW) or freezing (4 kW) completes a wide range of units (2/4/10 HP) to suit all situations.

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