Panasonic sponsors RAC CO2 Question Time

As retailers, supermarkets and businesses around the world look to reduce their impact on the environment, the use of natural refrigerants is becoming more and more important. Recognising the need for more information, our parent company, Panasonic is delighted to sponsor the latest in RAC’s Question Time series – RAC CO2 Question Time: Extra Time – focused on the benefits of using the natural refrigerant CO2 and timed to coincide with World Refrigeration Day – at 10am-11.30am on Friday, 26 June 2020.
This online event is hosted by Andrew Gaved, editor of RAC Magazine and will include a round table panel discussion regarding the benefits of using CO2, as an alternative refrigeration solution with the opportunity to put forward questions to the experts. Real-life project experience will be showcased and more information on CO2 systems as innovative and viable alternatives will be highlighted.
Panellists include: John Skelton (FInstR M.ASHRAE, Refrigeration Manager at Marks and Spencer), Xavier Debray (Managing Director of Versan), Steve Gill (Founder of WRD), Jaume Casanovas (Panasonic’s European Expert in CO2), Indy Tharnvithian (Panasonic UK CO2 Technical Engineer) and Alfredos Armaos (UK and IRE Country Manager for Panasonic.
Panasonic is not new to CO2 solutions, with its range of cold chain solutions first introduced in Japan over ten years ago, where the range has proved to be reliable, efficient and cost effective, particularly in the small supermarket and garage forecourt arena. Panasonic’s CO2 cold chain range was first introduced to the UK in 2018.
Panasonic is a world leader within the industry, with over 60 years of experience of producing innovative products. The company invests heavily in R&D to develop new solutions to advance the market, with a huge emphasis on environmental impact hence the investment in emerging CO2 technology.