For larger buildings, or locations where air flow needs higher management, we stock a range of large air conditioning units for both commercial and industrial applications.

These systems are well suited for a number of different commercial and industrial buildings, including hotels and large office spaces.

Large air conditioning systems suit open plan areas and separate rooms well, with a good amount of flexibility possible thanks to the long pipe lengths connecting indoor and outdoor units. This enhanced adaptability is enhanced further through extensive control options for our air conditioning units, including hard wired, BMS and infrared functionality, giving users a high level of control over building temperature and conditions.

VRF air conditioning units are available in different formats to suit different settings, including floor cased and floor concealed, as well as wall mounted or ceiling cassette. These large air conditioning systems can range from 11.2kw to 168kw, with incredibly high efficiency for their design and size.

Large VRF units can offer simultaneous heating and cooling as well as heat recovery, on just three pipes. The technological advantages and high efficiency make large units a fantastic option for larger building and at AMP you have a great range to choose from. We sell an extensive range of large air conditioning systems from our excellent manufacturer, Panasonic. All provide some of the best high quality air conditioning systems on the market, designed to suit large locations. Contact us for more information about large VRF systems.