Mini air conditioning systems are generally used in small offices or residential settings, thanks to their excellent capabilities when it comes to cooling and heating small spaces.

Different air conditioning units work in different areas, with everything from cost effectiveness and the ability to install without redecorating coming into effect when making a decision. There’s something to suit all requirements, whether you’re looking for a quiet mini air conditioning system for a residential bedroom or a small powerful system for an office.

A number of different mini air conditioning units are available from AMP, including wall mounted, floor standing, compact cassette and compact ducted units. Light outdoor units are also available, to help increase installation flexibility when it comes to deciding which unit works best for you. These dependable air conditioning systems are controlled through a number of different means, including infrared and hard wired remote controllers.

Mini air conditioning units typically range from 2kw to 5kw, compared to the 11.2kw to 168kw range seen on large air conditioning systems, making them a highly efficient air conditioning option. Efficiency is measured by the energy efficiency ratio (EER) and coefficient of performance (COP).

AMP can provide mini air conditioning units in both split and multi split systems, with the capability to simultaneously heat or cool up to six rooms from a single condensing unit (with all indoor units on the same mode). Thanks to extended pipework options you can position the air conditioning unit in a location that suits your needs and surroundings, minimising disruption.  AMP can provide mini air conditioning systems suitable for your requirements.