Small air conditioning systems are suitable for a number of different applications, including commercial, office and retail outlets. These products offer high standards of air quality, sound levels, and energy savings, making them a good choice for both commercial and residential requirements

All small air conditioning units are heat pump functioning, offering both cooling and heating modes, with capacities ranging from 4kw to 12.5kw. These small units give you total control over the direction, timing and temperature, meaning that you can adapt your unit to suit the environment in which it is placed. Control options include hard wired, infrared, centralised and via Building Management System (BMS).

AMP are able to help you find air conditioning units to suit your needs, with high efficiency and long pipe lengths achievable – meaning that there is sure to be an option available for each and every project. We supply a great range of different air conditioning units, designed to suit different styles and projects, such as; wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended, ducted and floor standing. AMP provide small air conditioning systems from renowned manufacturer Panasonic.

The Panasonic range of units come in standard, micro and hyper inverter systems available across the range. There are also compact outdoor units, designed to offer minimum disruption and small footprints Рoffering the flexibility of serving more than one air conditioning unit from just one outdoor unit.

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