Operating within the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry, AMP Air aims to provide internal comfort levels in a variety of settings, through the control of temperature and air quality.

There are a variety of HVAC system types on the market; the HVAC systems that AMP offers are heat pump systems chosen for their flexibility and superb energy efficiency. This means that not only can these HVAC products cool internal spaces, but they also provide a means of heating – eliminating the need to have a separate heating system.

Range of HVAC system types

The heat pump heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that AMP Air offers come in a variety of different HVAC system types, from single-split systems (suitable for residential and small single room applications) to large multi-split HVAC systems (ideal for bigger commercial applications). We also provide VRF (variable refrigerant flow) HVAC systems, where a single condensing unit can serve multiple indoor units – suitable for hotels and large offices.

How does heating, ventilation and air conditioning work?

HVAC system types work based on the principles of the refrigeration cycle. An outdoor unit, comprising of a compressor, pumps high pressure/temperature HVAC refrigerant gas. This gas then passes through a heat exchanger, where it loses energy (heat) to the outside and condenses into its liquid form. This liquid then passes through another heat exchanger located in the indoor HVAC unit.

Air passes over the evaporating coil in the HVAC system and, as the liquid refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs energy (heat) from the internal air, reducing the air temperature in the room. The refrigerant, now in a gas form, then returns to the compressor for the cycle to start again. When the HVAC system is placed in heating mode, this cycle is reversed, with the indoor heat exchanger becoming the condensing coil and the outdoor heat exchanger becoming the evaporating coil, thus heating up the indoor air. This approach to heating, ventilation and air conditioning is efficient both in terms of its energy usage and the amount of space it uses up within the building, eliminating the need for separate solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation.

HVAC systems from AMP

Our range of HVAC system types and ventilation units can help control the internal air quality by the introduction of fresh air. Our range of heat recovery HVAC systems have the added benefit of recovering waste energy, using this to preheat or cool the incoming fresh air to reduce overall running costs.

AMP Air exclusively offer HVAC systems from Panasonic. As well as the system detailed above, we have several additional products that we also offer, such as air to water heat pumps, air curtains and sophisticated control systems.

Take a look at our range of HVAC products, or get in touch to discuss how our heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions can meet your requirements.