Air Curtain

An air curtain is used to separate two temperature zones via an invisible “curtain” of air.

Primarily used above a door, these warm air curtain units provide a fast moving stream of air to block air movement through it whilst still allowing the door to remain open. They are often used in locations that have a high level of foot traffic, such as entrances to retail outlets, hotels and offices.

AMP offer a wide range of Panasonic air curtain heater products that can connect onto the standard digital inverter, super digital inverter and VRF systems. Through the use of an inverter driven heat pump unit instead of a conventional electrical driven air curtain, businesses can receive electrical cost savings of up to 75%.

As if that wasn’t enough, our range of warm air curtains can also provide additional benefits which include:

  • Quick and easy installation, with easy access for maintenance
  • Improved comfort for customers and employees by reducing the admittance of insects, dust, smoke and odours
  • Able to integrate the air curtain heater units onto the existing range of advanced air conditioning control systems.

These units are available in a range of styles, from free hanging to recessed installation. Models up to 16.0kW, designed to suit doors up to 2.5m wide, are also available. No matter the size of your location or needs of your business, AMP are sure to have an air curtain solution for your needs.