The evaporator is the indoor unit of an air conditioning system, designed to remove heat from the air inside, transferring it outside. They consist of many parts, including the heat exchanger, fan motor, fan blade & PCB’s and can be set at different fan speeds and temperature set points, allowing people to customise it to suit their needs and location. This level of control can be achieved through infrared remote, hard wired remote, centralised remote or BMS connection.

Evaporators are used in an air conditioning system to allow compressed refrigerant gas, such as R410a, to evaporate from liquid to gas – whilst absorbing heat in the process.

An evaporator unit can be used in many applications; a wall mounted unit for residential and cassette, or ducted units for commercial applications such as hotels. Cassette and ducted evaporators can also be used in applications with a suspended ceiling, where the units can be concealed.

AMP can provide a number of different types of evaporators, such as wall mounted, floor standing, cassette, ceiling suspended and ducted. Thanks to our extensive experience we are also able to offer advice on the best evaporator cooler units for your project. For example, we know that slim ducted units are great for hotels, as they are compact and can be concealed and hidden from customers.

AMP supply indoor evaporators from our leading manufacturing partner Panasonic. If you don’t see the evaporator you require on our product pages then don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d be happy to help.