In addition to our comfort cooling systems, AMP also able offer a range of ventilation solutions to further enhance internal comfort levels.

The introduction of fresh air into rooms can drastically help eradicate problems arising from poor air quality, such as a loss in productivity, low morale and increased sickness levels. That is why ventilation is key.

AMP can offer a wide range of heat recovery units, which not only offer the benefits of good ventilation to a building, but can also offer reduced running costs of heating/cooling plants by recovering waste energy. It does this by passing stale room air through a paper heat exchanger within the unit. This heat exchanger extracts either cooling or heating energy from the extracted air, and then uses this energy to either warm or cool the incoming fresh air. This requires much less energy than conventional ventilation methods, and is the cause of the lower running costs.

We provide units of various sizes, up to 2000 m³/h. These units can integrate seamlessly with our air conditioning control systems to provide a single point of control for both the AC and ventilation systems. That said, they can also operate as a standalone solutions and are ideal for ventilation applications at schools, offices and conference rooms. For VRF systems, units are also available that combine a heat recovery ventilation unit with a DX coil.

In addition to these ventilation air conditioning units, AMP are also able to offer a number of interfaces to enable both split and VRF outdoor units to be connected to 3rd party air handling units. This enables the systems to benefit from the use of energy efficient outdoor units, and to be integrated with our range of advanced control systems.

For more information about our ventilation systems get in touch with one of our knowledgeable members of staff.