VRF air conditioning systems are suitable for use in a wide array of large commercial and industrial buildings. This can include locations such as large office spaces, leisure facilities and hotels.

Typically VRF systems feature three pipe heat recovery, offering the ability to cool and heat simultaneously. A wide variety of indoor units are available, including; wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ducted, floor cased and concealed and ceiling suspended options. Indoor units can range from 1.7kw to 28kw, with outdoor units from 4HP to 60HP – providing a system for every type of commercial or industrial location.

VRF air conditioning units offer high efficiency from their compact design. Long pipe lengths are available to allow unit connections between multiple units, both inside and outside a building. These energy-efficient systems also offer multiple control options, from individual and centralised controllers to BMS (Building Management System) interfaces.

VRF units offer a number of benefits, from their cost-effective price point and their design flexibility to their ability to control multiple zones with individual temperature controls. AMP can provide VRF systems in both heat pump, two pipe, and heat recovery, three pipe, variations.

If you need more information about whether or not a VRF air conditioning system is right for you then get in touch with one of our specialist team members, who will be happy to answer any questions you have.